Symbiosis Retreats was created to facilitate the rekindling of Mankind’s connection to Mother Earth. It is a fusion of wilderness adventure and yoga. We are here to guide you into the wild unknowns of both Nature and your inner nature—your body, mind, and soul. As the name implies, Humans and Mother Earth are better together. We are happier when we spend time in Nature. Science is now providing contemporary proof that being in Nature lowers cortisol levels (high cortisol levels means you feel stressed out). The same is shown for yoga practice. What is Yoga? Yoga is being totally immersed in the present moment—happy that you are you, here and now.

Let’s go outside and do yoga.

Sincerely and with love,

Symbiosis Retreats

Featured Adventure:

Yoga and Kayak Half-Day Retreat

The morning starts with thirty minutes of yoga to wake up into our body and a few minutes of kayak orientation. Then we’ll slide into our kayaks and paddle up into Kingston Lake Swamp and the Waccamaw River where the sounds of highways fade away to be replaced by birdsong and fish splashing. This is the heart of your retreat. If conditions permit, we’ll stop for a short stretch on the banks of the river before paddling back to the put-in/take-out. Some of our guides play instruments and will incorporate them into the retreat for a bit of relaxing sound therapy. Additional mindfulness exercises will be offered throughout the retreat and a short yoga routine will be offered after the paddle to allow for integration of the retreat experience.

No Kayak experience necessary.
No Yoga experience necessary.

Location: Conway, SC
Trip Duration: 7:30-10:30AM
Day Availability: Call to check.
Cost: $70 per person.

Additional Info:
Bring your own water and snacks.
Waiver to be signed morning of trip.
Payment required morning of trip.
Bring your own towel and/or yoga mat.

5% Of profit donated to charity
First Trip Free excluding kayak rental**

Additional Options:
Fire Ceremony and Smudging* $8 per group (fee pays for herbs and firewood)
*Energetic Cleansing and guided meditation.

Call Alex Novaa at (386) 717-9184 to Reserve a trip.