Yoga—Co-create your Yoga Practice!
For Thousands of Years, Yoga was passed on from teacher to student, one on one. This guaranteed a practice crafted to maximize the student’s growth. The apprentice/master relationship was also essential to preserving the science over the millenia. However, times change. It became necessary to spread the science far and wide. Group classes became the norm. Millions now practice yoga. There are advantages to a group class. There are also disadvantages. It is nigh impossible to tailor the practice to each individual in a public yoga class. Teachers do what they can and students practice with the awareness that they must take responsibility for modifying their practice. For the most part, group class is sufficient. But sometimes, one on one instruction can be the boost needed to push through a block.

Alex has spent years studying the ways of self-transformation—and applying them to himself—so that he can better share these sacred practices. He is ready to listen to you, and then design the class best suited to provide the space needed for your Yoga practice to Grow.

He believes the best student/teacher relationship is really a student/student relationship. Every teacher learns from the student. Every student is their own best teacher.

Workplace yoga:
Movement and/or meditation classes
-Take responsibility for the development of yourself AND your employees.
-Expand your neural network and increase/maintain brain plasticity.
-Build emotional intelligence.
-Give people the tools fully realize their creative potential.
*prices vary

Personal Yoga:
Movement and/or meditation
-Free yourself to your fullest expression
-Strengthen the body and mind
-Know your fears and how to move beyond them

Consultations available in-person in Conway, SC or on Skype!
Alex and Gloria are also available for group workshops—Sound therapy, tension release, and more!

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 Personal Trainer
Alex is available for personal training. His approach to fitness is based from his own experiences training himself in outdoor extreme sports. For three years, Alex spent five hours a day guiding folks down Class I-V whitewater on the Chattooga River. In the morning before work, he’d run up the nearby mountain. After work, he’d go for a 12 mile mountain bike ride or just run the bike trail on foot. In between rafting, biking, and running, there was the rock wall and slack line. These experiences taught him the importance of yin and yang in fitness. The importance of rest and recovery. The importance of nutrition. The importance of willpower. Willpower. The human potential is both limited and expanded by will power. Yoga builds willpower. Therefore, Yoga is a key part of Alex’s approach to fitness. which also incorporates dynamic and natural movement geared towards a functional fitness supported by Conscious Commitment.

Reach out via email to schedule a consultation.

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