Real Medicine is Being You

Everyday we experience events which challenge us to express our truth. What is this truth? Truth is choosing to act according to your intuition and not to the images perceived by others. This conscious decision to Be You is what ultimately ensures you stay true to your soul. It is your True Identity. Put simply, it feels good when you act this way. Why? ‘Cause it’s not always easy to stay true to yourself. Peer pressure is a real thing. Listening to your intuition takes a leap of faith. You have to trust that your feeling will steer you true.

When I use the word Medicine, I am referring to the Native American perspective which considers Medicine to be an energy and also a tonic. So by saying Real Medicine, I mean an energetic vibration which heals and empowers.

Being you unleashes this Medicine. You know the feeling I mean. When you decided not to cheat on that homework assignment, it felt good. When you picked up trash that you dropped, or that someone else dropped, instead of redirecting your gaze. When you let that person change lanes, when you could have kept cruising. When you remained calm in the face of an angry friend, client, co-worker, or boss. When you comforted a friend or pulled over to help a stranger. When you decided to apply for that dream job, even though your buddy said you were crazy for taking less money. You also know that feeling when you lied, cheated, stole, ignored, or took that high-paying job that you never liked. Maybe you even felt a tightening in the body to go along with it. That tightening was a physical manifestation of acting against your true-self.

Yes. Actions that run contrary to your intuition will manifest physically. This is the Yogic belief and the AmeriIndian belief, among many other civilizations. It is said that resistance in the body reflects resistance in the mind. You know the saying, Laughter is the best medicine… what is laughter? It is an absence of resistance. You have to be loose to laugh. Laughter heals. Keep it light. Laugh it off.

This is key. Because resistance to Being You will lead to sickness, disease, injury, and emotional turmoil. You simply won’t be happy with yourself. You won’t be happy because you won’t be existing. Because if you don’t express your true identity, then you aren’t being you. If you aren’t you, who are you?

So be you. Be your own Medicine Man.