Over the mountain, Around the mountain.

Life can throw some wild shit your way. Somewhere within all of it is a lesson to learn from. Sometimes the lesson isn’t what you thought it would be. Sometimes it is. How can anyone know?

Take a moment to consider how you feel. I mean how you really feel, not just if you are momentarily happy, but go deep. Go down to your muscles and bones. Does your body feel tight? Do you feel pressure? Feel slow or lethargic? Do you feel like the weight of the world is pressing in on you?

This is a complicated world we live in. Lots of structure where there shouldn’t be any. Some places have not enough structure. People can easily get into a situation where they find themselves underwater. Stuck in a place where they can’t breathe. We want to help, but help isn’t wanted. We want to stay, but staying makes it worse. Or we want to move on, but should we? Sometimes the lesson is to persevere, but the lesson can also be to choose a new path. Perhaps one is walking up the mountain when there is cut nearby which will be the easier route. We owe ourselves the courtesy of the occasional pause to gather and consider whether we are being stubborn or brave. 

Breathe into the moment. Visualize the alternatives. Feel the other path(s). Do you feel light? Like you could fly? Happy and spacious?

Notice everything. Notice if you feel pulled in any direction.

Be with your breath and you’ll know where to be.