Loving Oneself is Loving Others

Let the above serve as a mantra for your daily experience, for a person must first love himself before he can love another. This Love is akin to a fine cut diamond in which rays of light reflect back in a dizzying array of harmonious fractals. To love oneself is to love All of you and to Live that truth. It is not enough to merely love with thoughts… actions must follow. True love for oneself opens the door to true love for others. Because, quite simply, if you can’t love yourself, what makes you think you can love a stranger? If you can’t accept your errors and Grow from them, how can you possibly forgive another for his? Thus, loving oneself is loving others, is loving oneself, is loving others… now substitute oneself with myself. Loving myself is loving others, is loving myself, is loving others.

There are many ways we can interpret the above declaration. Let us begin with the physical. Each of us has a body. To love our body is to treat our body like the gift it is. Eating nutritious foods, being wary of alcohol and smoke and other drugs, exercising, spending time in nature, and deep breathing—all of which are simple choices that demonstrate you care about your body. Giving a self-massage, telling your body that you love it, thanking your body, telling yourself that you Love You. These are simple, yet powerful, actions that reach deep into the psyche to communicate Intention. What intention? That is for you to decide. However, I gather your intention is similar to the mantra, otherwise you’d likely not be reading this. Each of us has a Path to Walk and each of us would have an easier time Walking the Path if we started with treating our body like we love it. The body is our vehicle in this dimension. A gift from Mother Earth.

Mentally, loving myself means “I Love every step I’ve taken, every thought that has crossed my mind, from the lowest to the highest. The darkest to the lightest.” Because even what we perceive to be bad is in effect Good. Everything we do leads us back to Source. The worst of offenses create opportunities for people to join hands. If you truly want to Grow, you have to love everything you have done. Acceptance and forgiveness. These are expressions of Love.

Love is free. So says a friend of mind. Love is everywhere, even if you don’t want to admit it, Love is there. Love is here. Love is in you. It is in me. It is in the sky and the valleys and All in between. We only need to pause long enough to remember this, to feel this energetic reality. It is the feeling of warmth, a release of pressure, and realization of one’s connection with Creation.

Take a moment to do this Meditation. Fold your hands in your lap, however is comfortable. Sit with your feet flat and back straight. Close your eyes. Breath slowly and deeply. Six seconds in. Six seconds out. Imagine a person you love dearly. Feel that energy in your heart center. Spread the feeling to your head, back to your heart, down to your gut, and back to your heart. Pause at each to become Aware of the sensations. Now imagine someone in your life that bothers you and carry that feeling to their image. Stay with them until the Love is Strong. Move that feeling to your head, to your heart, down to the gut, and back to the heart.

How do you feel?

Thanks to Gloria for the circular mantra!

Sending good vibes,