Abracadabra and the Magic of Intention

We’ve all heard that word of words…Abracadabra. Oft Associated with Hollywood magic and witches and wizards, what on Earth does this word even mean? Something silly perhaps? An old folk superstition?

Abracadabra: As I speak, I create.

Turns out, the word embodies a core gift of humanity. The expansion of sound applied to the multifaceted dimension of speech. We are gifted with vocal cords and the accompanying body circuitry to produce a wonderous array of vibrations aka frequencies, and, by using thoughts, to connect these vocal cord vibrations with emotions to facilitate communications. We do this on an extraordinary level unmatched by our fellow creatures, thanks to our bodies and the gift of free will. In other words, a thought can be turned into speech, and speech is a sound, and sound is a vibration which moves through space like the ripples caused by a stone falling through the surface of a lake.

Let’s expand this.

To speak is to take an emotion/idea/thought and precisely transform it into nuanced sound. And to then project that energy outward, all sound vibrations are forms of energy, in manner which is readily understood, such as an established language

To speak is to have an intention. You don’t speak willy nilly. There is a purpose behind your sounds. Whether it is to express gratitude or ask for a glass of water, there is a reason you have put your vocal cords into action.

Ah ha! An Intention! You want something to happen. There is a purpose.

And the ripples of water expanding outward from their origin: Our speech expands outwards. Touching everything. Communicating with everything seen and unseen. Interacting with the totality of our physical, mental, and spiritual bodies.

So, if I say, “I want to be happy”. I’ve just created a vibration which is rippling through time infinite—communicating with myself and with Source—the infinite cosmic consciousness. And the law of cosmic attraction, energies attract like energies, means that my declaration “I want to be happy” is telling the universe that I want whatever it is that I believe makes me happy.

This brings us back to abracadabra. As I speak, I create.

The vibration of speech ripples through Creation and communicates your intention which spurs its manifestation.

Within the practice of Yoga, we use intentions to structure our perceptions and to communicate with the Universe. We set an intention before practice with the hope that it guides our practice. We set an intention upon waking every morning with the hope that it attracts what we want. We harness the power of speech to communicate with our entire being as part of our effort to free our belief structure from constricting habits and cultural programming.

Have you ever wanted to remember a phone number or a message and repeated it aloud to yourself, in an effort to remember? Have you ever picked yourself out of a bad mood by noticing the brighter side if life or by smiling and saying, I’m happy? Have you ever exclaimed, “I’m so pissed off!” and actually felt less pissed off afterwards? No, of course you didn’t.


Good vibes,