Musings on the Vibrations of Creation

I was sitting on a couch in Asheville when the urge to pick up a pencil and write took over and here’s what poured forth.

We are here to Journey through the Halls of time. An experience that exists to create opportunity for Spiritual Growth. We live amongst a web of interconnected Spirit which is ever-vibrating to the present moment. This web is a river of sound waves and we are ripples within this vast web of ocean Spirit.

Cosmic infinity penetrates us and sustains us and directs us to ourselves, the self seen in yourself, seen in myself, seen in All and seen in No-Thing. We come together to Earth to experience the music of this dimension. It is no accident that I write these words or that you read these words. Where do these words hail from? From the infinite togetherness. From the threads weaving together my life strands with Mother Earth and with your life strands. Taken together, these words create a meaning—a vibration—a sound that seen alone is but one note, but in actuality is an instrumental measure within Spirit’s Symphony.

Our lives are a creation of sound within a greater song.

Our bodies are instruments in this Cosmic Orchestra.

And what one does, another feels. If I sing my song, you can hear it. Likewise, I can hear your song. In fact, this web is one Cosmic Chorus, born out of creative and sustained by compassion. Our songs are Unique and the musical energy yearns to Grow—to a higher frequency—to return to the space between the Stars from which all sound comes.

But before that eventuality transforms our reality, we must cultivate harmony. Harmonize our soul songs with the Source Symphony surrounding our existence. Becoming our Being. At which point we may realize there was no Journey. There is only the sound of music.

Good vibes,