Walking the Path

Life. Beauty. Power. Struggle. Pain. Love. Serenity. Bliss. Terror. Ecstasy. Fear. Strength.

We live moment to moment yet we often struggle against moments past and moments yet to come. By nature, we humans are intense creatures and capable of great presence. A human anchored in the moment is a superhuman. There is nothing we cannot achieve if we believe it is achievable. Nothing we cannot get if we but want it. Our perceptions create our own reality. This is an awesome bit of magic that can create awe inspiring feats of any color. This magic can be used to better our world or to enslave us.

Patterns are part of this. We often live in patterns. Habits, too. Things we like to do. Things we don’t like to do. Things that look like us. Things that look different. Sometimes we get caught up in these patterns. If it’s a good pattern (what is good?) then we like the pattern. If it’s a bad pattern we sometimes like it anyway. Patterns can be hard to change. Or are they? Are we led to believe that patterns are hard to change? What if we were told that patters are easy to change? That patterns are easy to break? What if instead of being told that Old habits Die hard, that old habits die easy? How would that affect our perceptions? How would that affect our ability to change? If our beliefs set reality, then there is truly no end to our ability to create and manifest.

But what do we manifest? Good or bad stuff? Who is to say what is good or what is bad? There are a few common ideas:

·         The universe has both Good and Bad.

·         The universe has no Good and no Bad.

·         The universe is all Good because what we perceive to be Bad are actually lessons that create Good.

How do we know which is most correct? Who cares anyway? Should we care? Probably. Yes.

I like the third option. The universe is all Good. All paths lead to the same Good Beginning. An event is really just an event. A moment is just a moment. The glass is half full or half empty? What is your perception? Where did that perception grow from? Your family? Your soul? Society or School? Are we here to grow or are we here to decay? Is God good? Is it God or Goddess? Male, female, both? The simplest answer is probably it huh? Goddess/God/All that is. The Spirit which moves in all things. Moving us All toward Good. Giving us everything we need to learn what we are here to learn. To advance. Sometimes one step back and three steps forward.

Everything is inherently Good. We are Here because we Wanted to be Here. Best to make the most of it. Learn where we can learn. Love the life we live. Believe in ourselves and believe in our power to create our lives. I’ve heard that the only true power that humans have is the ability to pray. That through prayer, we can create. That the Spirit hears our prayers and responds. That both fear and hope are prayers of a sort and both attract the Great Spirit’s energies. Anything else a human creates is really just taking something already in existence and changing it. But our prayers are unique. They come from our soul. They are power. They are magic. When we Pray, we speak to the All. When we meditate, we Listen to the All. That’s the not so secret, secret.

Sending good vibes,