The importance of Accepting yourself while recognizing You are Deeper than the sum of your Thoughts and Feelings.

We all have thoughts and feelings. Some thoughts lead to feelings and some feelings lead to thoughts. These thoughts and feelings are vibrations. They can be low vibes or high vibes and therefore they can lower or rise in frequency.

the higher the frequency, the happier the vibe.

Thoughts form in the mind, an entity involving the brain but not limited to, and because a thought is an energy wave, a vibration, every thought moves through the universe like a wave, and like a wave whose fluid motion affects other waves it touches, every thought wave which originates in the mind moves throughout the whole being, both physical and spiritual, and affects the vibrations of All.

Feelings are the same.

A feeling of joy, such as one created when you see the sun for the first moment of a new day, sends specific vibrations throughout the person and beyond. You see the sun and you feel happy and joyful, these vibes move through your body and work to stimulate more joy throughout the body’s tissues, bones, muscles, organs, and energy centers. Many of those happy vibes extend beyond you—the human body emits frequencies and electro-magnetic waves—and move along through the Great Spirit to touch All.

these joyful vibrations attract more joyful vibrations and support other like vibrations which culminate in higher vibrations. have you ever stood near someone who felt so happy that you felt better?

have you ever stood near someone who was in such a foul mood that you felt they were bringing you down?

The human experience flourishes with love. This means that to be at our best, we must embrace, we must love, the totality of our experience. Every thought and feeling you have should feel your unconditional love. Even the thoughts we might label as bad, such as judging another for a perceived slight, should be accepted and loved for the lesson freely offered.

heck, even the Idea—the perception—that there is Bad and Good is really just your Thought and not necessarily a Truth. The Truth is that your perception creates reality. Collective (multiple persons) perceptions also create reality.

For Example: I am walking along and notice a person in front of me toss their coffee cup onto the ground. In Response a series of thoughts appear in my mind

“Ahh man. He should know better. Doesn’t he realize that littering is harmful? Idiot. If only he was aware of how we are all connected, perhaps he wouldn’t litter. Perhaps he’ll notice me pick it up and next time he’ll wait for a trash can.”

Some of those thoughts are not very flattering, but regardless of the thought, each deserves to be accepted. Why? Because if I were to judge myself harshly for having thought the guy was an idiot, then that self-judgment (itself a lowering vibration) would attract more low vibrations (possibly more judgments) and even act to lower the vibrations of everything it touches as it flows from my mind through my body and beyond. Ignoring the thoughts or cursing myself for having them will only aid in creating more of the same. My mood would lower and perhaps that guy would feel it and even resent me and encourage him to litter again, thus the cycle continues. And maybe my low mood stays with me long enough till I reach my destination and affects the next person.

if it affects you than it affects them, and if it affects them than it affects you. this is doubly important when you accept that sickness and disease is a byproduct of one’s thoughts—thoughts with low vibrations.

 If I accept my thoughts and love them for the lessons they offer—remembering that the perception of littering being harmful is in itself no more than a vibration—remembering that perceptions are largely crafted by environment—remembering that he and me are one and the same—remembering that we are both spiritual beings here to experience Love and Brotherhood—the higher vibration of love will interact with the Others and Growth will be achieved. Growth follows acceptance.

the next time, perhaps the “idiot” thought will not come.  

The resulting change in likelihood of a given response to a given situation is important because it demonstrates that we can change our thought/feeling patterns. If we can change these patterns then clearly we are above our patterns. In other words, our patterns do not define us, rather we define our patterns.

we can take this further—our genes do not define us, rather we define our genes. Our thoughts (read: beliefs) tell how our body which genes to read. did you ever want to stay home “sick” from school so bad that when  your mother came to check your temperature, you actually gave yourself a slight fever?

In the above scenario, you wanted to be sick enough that you believed (you thought) you’d be sick when your mom came to check on you, and your body obliged. You told your body how to perceive reality.

We are more—we are deeper—than our thoughts and feelings. Therefore, we are not human because we think or feel, but we think and feel because we are human. Thoughts and feelings are akin to tools. We can choose to have joyful thoughts or we can choose to be sad. Both offer growth.

the key to all of this is awareness. A willful awareness of oneself will always bring growth.

And sure, patterns exist. Especially if you believe the pattern exists. And yes, environments (society/culture/neighborhoods) are largely responsible for the patterns you act out. Being told “you’ll never amount to anything” probably instilled a pattern of failure that you are destined to outgrow. Life can be tough. On the flipside, being told “you can be/do anything you want to be/do” likely set a pattern of success. Life can be easy.

However, the existence of these patterns does not imply that we are slaves to our thoughts or that we Are our thoughts. Rather, it is Because we can consciously change our thoughts and thereby change our patterns that we Know we exist beyond thought.

And because there is no limit to our ability to think or feel, it is Clear that Our Ability to Grow is Infinite.

Sending good vibes,


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