The Age of Aquarius

Earth is presently undergoing a cosmic shift of energy. The Aquarian Age is dawning and change is afoot. The beginning of a new 2000-year cosmic cycle. We are leaving the age of Pisces, the start of which was marked by the birth and death of a particularly famous individual, who is commonly associated with the constellation’s symbol—a fish. The year 2012 did not mark the end of the world, merely the death of an age, and the birth of another. What does this mean for us? Aquarius is marked by a double wave. This is of course significant. A wave is energy. A wave is a frequency. It is a vibration. Right now, the world’s foremost quantum physicists are confirming ancient knowledge. We are, in fact, waves and our thoughts really do leave our heads to interact with our surroundings. Ahh… so it signifies enlightenment? But, Aquarius has two waves. Duality. Two types of Enlightenment? After all, the Occidental and Oriental attach different meaning to the word. The former being Scientism and the latter Spiritual.

What does it matter, this Astrologic chatter? Look around you. A giant awakening of human consciousnes is occurring. Questions are being asked. Answers, or more likely Directions, are being given. This is because the answer to the Question is always Within. For the ultimate question—Why—is unique to the individual and is best discovered through the sacred inner inquiry.

What are we here to do but express to the fullest our innermost colors? We are who we are. Unless of course we aren’t ourselves. If you live your day to day life caught up with concerns over what others will think of you if you do this or do that, if you wear this or wear that, listen to this or listen to that, sing on the sidewalk, or hum to yourself at work—if you hold yourself back from expressing what you wish to express…then you are not being you. If you live your whole life in this manner—always coloring within the lines—then you quite simply have not existed. You were not being you. You did not exist. You lived without Living.

The shift in energy is bringing in an energy of Awareness. This is the Time of the Rainbow Children—the Generation whom will lead Humanity to a greater understanding of Harmony and Recover the Sacred. Earth has been waiting. She waits patiently, at least as patient as can be expected, for our People to remember what it means to be Compassionate. To remember what it means to Lead with Compassion—to take responsibility for the Growth of others and to care for Mother Earth. We are all connected and people the world over are Realizing something has been missing from their Life. Something doesn’t feel right. We’ve been disconnected from Source. People are noticing we have become Separate from our surroundings. Separate from the plants, the birds and the bees, separate from Each Other. Sin. Sin means without, separate from. Instead of feeling each other, we use our cell phones. We text rather than speak over the phone. We email rather than write a letter. We go the bar to drink beers and watch other people play sports while checking our phones to see where other people are drinking beers and watching other people play sports. We drink more. We smoke weed to chill out or to escape. Always we look for the convenience. Make it easy for us. Take a pill. Separate myself from myself. But who are you?

Noticing these patterns is Awareness. Awareness ushers in energy. Energy follows Attention. Change is waiting for you; waiting for you to say Ok. Now is now. Now is the day. The day of Me. Because you are me. I am you. You are the me, inside of you.

Sending good vibes,

Tall Alex