“It all begins with Breath.”

 Slowly but surely, the universe has nudged me to megaphone the moment to better share my journey of self-discovery. It began with diary entries and the occasional blog post. Then I wrote a book. Taught yoga to a few river friends. Then a website appeared. Then I started writing another book. Now, I teach more yoga classes and workshops, and other ways of outreach are in the works.

What is the point of all this? To positively contribute to the ongoing conversation here on planet Earth. The conversation about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Of love and spirituality. Why? Because we need it. We humans have a innate urge to share and communicate—to socialize—to explore perceived boundaries—and to love and be loved. That’s what life is. Plus, its the Times man! Humanity’s group consciousness is maturing. We are Growing Up. The Science of Awareness—call it Yoga or Medicine—is spreading and I’m here to help spread it!

It is said that yoga is the science of uniting the individual consciousness with infinity (God).  But that essence, this science of self-realization, science meaning an exploration and observation, is not what drew me into my first hot Hatha Yoga class a short eight years ago. I've got my cousin PJ to thank for that first class. Thank you PJ! It was she who, likely sensing the abuse my body and mind and soul suffered from all the drugs I did during my collegiate tenure, challenged me to 21 days of yoga. Just ninety minutes a day, she dared and sweetly taunted. Stretching? I can do that. If PJ could do, than I damn sure could do. Maybe this is what I need to clean out the trash? I sure felt slow and tired. Very dirty. I wanted to feel fast again. I wanted to feel good. And what the heck, its 21 days, its free, and PJ has just challenged me. I'm in.

Nine years later, I'm still in. My yoga journey has taken me to teach English in Madrid, Spain; to serve as a Congressional staff assistant in Washington; a line cook; law clerk; newspaper reporter; construction worker; whitewater raft guide; dog musher; marijuana trimmer; ski resort parking attendant; author; bicycle factoryman; Medicine Bundle Carrier, and yoga teacher. Each step has brought me closer to knowing who I am. Sometimes the steps seemed insurmountable, sometimes they seemed a breeze. Sometimes I fell into dark pits of self-criticism (growing pains, anyone?) and sometimes I felt like I was finally moving in the right direction. The kick of it is that even in the worse moments I was still moving in a good direction, but my mind did not want me to see it that way. Yogic science is helping to lift negative cyclical thinking and shine a light that all movement is good movement because all movement ultimately leads to the divinity within.

You know that question, what do you wanna be when you grow up? It took thirty two years for me to know my answer. Me.

My prayer is that my life serves to empower others to express their true self.