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I am offering my service to any person seeking it. Donation only.

OK. Now that that’s out there, let’s get down to the who, what and why.

My name is TA (Tall Alex). I am thirty-two years old and I am doing this because it calls to me. For three years I’ve been a professional outdoor whitewater guide and this feels to be a natural extension of that path. I love guide work, guiding, teaching, mentoring, whatever you wanna call it.

When I was little and people asked “What do you want to be?” I never felt compelled to answer with astronaut, fireman, or president, but I would sometimes think, “Man, I could be a teacher, like Mrs. So and So, she makes me feel comfortable... though I don’t know what I want to Do, I Know I could Do that!” Often, the teacher seemed to be the only person in the room with whom I could communicate with; my teachers seemed to “get” me, when my classmates hadn’t a clue. But no one in my class ever seemed to answer Teacher to that question, so I never did either. It wasn’t Cool to want to be a Teacher.

After years in dormancy, the feeling popped up again at Florida State University where I spent a couple semesters working as an after school playground counselor at an elementary/middle school. I took the job because it paid and because I would be working with a couple of my best friends on a playground—seemed like a no-brainer. But it gave me a little window into what it might be like to mentor kids. I realized there were kids out there like me, who kept to themselves, either by choice or because the other kids didn’t “get them”, and they looked to me, to the “teacher” for conversation.

After FSU, I took off across the Pond for Madrid to teach English. Though I had no experience and learned the hard way, and often felt like I had no business doing it, got fired and rehired… I Loved Teaching. I loved the Relationships with the People and I loved feeling them Succeed at what they set out to do. It just felt Good. The same feeling popped up with my interns while working as a Staff Assistant for a Congresswoman in the US House of Representatives. It surfaced again at my mother’s bistro, whenever we had new cooks to welcome into the family. The feeling blossomed at the Chattooga River—nothing like guiding folks, who can’t swim and are terrified of falling out the raft, down whitewater to bring out the Coach in you—and again in Jackson, WY where I Guided and Mushed Sled dogs—and most recently teaching Kundalini and Hatha Yoga. That feeling you get when someone looks up at you after Yoga class, smiling silly and says “I wish I could start every day like this.” Yep, I love Guiding.

So what is my perspective on Life Coaching?

A life coach Listens to your Story and offers Guidance in overcoming perceived Challenges to Reach your Goals.

I believe we are spiritual beings who have chosen to live on Earth to experience human life and to Learn. So, we are presented with Challenges. Lots and lots of Challenges. This is Good because were it not for Mountains to Climb and Rivers to Cross, life would be dull. Many of us have spirit guides or guardian angels Standing by whom Nudge us along and many of us have friends that do the same. Some of us have Rivers or Mountains or other Features as our Guides. A big warm Thank you to all the guides out there!

But back to Life Coach:

Life Coaching is like a yoga teacher, exercise coach, nutritionist, therapist, and who knows (everybody’s path is different), all branching out from a central calling to serve others.

So what kind of certifications have I got? None, yet. Ok, maybe a few related to yoga, Wilderness Medicine and Rafting, but mostly I’ve got a bit of experience here and there and a Drive to continue my personal self-exploration. Most importantly, I am willing to Listen and Share.  (Here’s a link to my resume)

I’ve spoken about yoga being the Intention to know oneself, and that anyone who sets this intention is a Yogi. In times past and present, the Science of Yoga has been taught in both group and individual dynamic. Neither approach is necessarily better than the other; however, the differences in setting are easily guessed: You can reach more people with group classes but you have less opportunity for the one-on-one. Therefore, they offer a different Space for Communication. This Difference has drawn me to take the step to life coaching. Sometimes we need to get personal.

My intention, as a Life Coach, is to Hold Space for you, to Listen to your Story, and to offer any Guidance that surfaces.

If you feel pulled to contact me, please use the form below.

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