Inspire the inner revolution

The key to sustainable living? Take care of yourself so you can take care of others when the time comes. But where do we find the energy to do this? Aren’t we busy? Isn’t life hard and unfair? Or is it us who manifest our impossibilities? If only everyone else would just change… Yet, true change comes from within. If you want more out of life, you’ve got to know you. Who you are. What you fear. What you love. Know your limits, or know infinity.

A great speaker is able to serve as a mirror for the audience and speak to the core of our greatest gift: The opportunity to express our true identity in all conditions. Alex spent a few years honing this skill on the Chattooga River where he served as river guide to folks hankering for a bit of the Great Outdoors and Class V white water. Then again as a dog musher guide and now as a yoga teacher and Shaman Apprentice. Through it all, he has continually explored his inner-self with the intention of self-mastery. Sometimes, things weren’t so pleasant. But it is this authentic acknowledgement which fuels the inner revolution and is the core of his conversation.

Alex always looking forward to opportunities to share his story and thoughts with others, and always with the intention to inspire self-realization. He can be reached via email at