Welcome! My name is Alex Perryman Novaa. This is where you can find my class schedule, the Novaa Yoga Youtube Channel, blog, books, information on private instruction, and information on Symbiosis Retreats—a new mindful wilderness adventure organization founded by Gloria and me (coming soon!)

See below for a short primer on what I’m up to and where I’m doing it.

I teach yoga at the Conway Recreation Center (Tuesdays 8am), Coastal Carolina University (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 7am), a free class every Sunday at 10am down at Conway’s Riverfront Park. I’m also available for private classes (both Hatha Yoga and meditation classes). Monday evening meditation class at Shine Cafe (6:15-7pm). I’m available for personal training and nutritional advice—all advice based from my own experience training and feeding myself as a professional wilderness guide. Feel free to reach out to me about near anything.

**Gloria and I just launched our Youtube Channel! The Novaa Yoga Channel! Search us on google with “ novaa yoga youtube” (link:


Autobiography of a 21st century yogi

Alex’s self-inquiry to uncover the causes of the beliefs and perspectives which have shaped his life’s journey.

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Howling through the night

Alex’s journey into the world of dog mushing